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GKS's Goal is Orientated Towards Producing Quality Black Belts

Come To GKS For a Complete Learning Experience, You'll Be Happy You Did

GKS-Connecticut's #1 Traditional & Sports Martial Arts Training Center

Team GKS, Voted Krane's Overall Competition Team of The Year for 5 Consecutive Years

GKS Offers Expert Instruction in Open Forms & Weapons w/ Music & Tricks

GKS,Were not "Old School" or "New School", Were The "Only School" Since 1971, That's 50 Years

GKS Offers Expert Instruction in Traditional Forms & Weapons

GKS Offers Expert Instruction in Traditional, Sport & Continuous Fighting

Starting on December 1,2020 - We Will Be Celebrating Our " 50th Anniversay " Teaching The Martial Arts


Welcome To

G oldberg K arate S tudio

Founded in 1971 By

Head Instructor -- Kwan Jang Nim

8th Degree Black Belt

GM Jeff Goldberg



Goldberg Karate Studio’s mission is to empower our students with the ability to challenge themselves and

reach their full potential physically and mentally.  We arm them with the knowledge and skills to defend

themselves and others, while instilling life skills through the teachings of honor, respect, self-esteem,

teamwork and self- discipline students develop the proper mindset to reach for and achieve their highest

goals in life.



At GKS, we believe that students learn best in a supportive and encouraging community. Character


education is the heart of the GKS program. It focuses on Goal orientation, Responsibility, Respect,


Honesty, Self Discipline, Courtesy, Self-Control, Trustworthiness, Perseverance, and Integrity. Our


programs promote teamwork and active learning. Dedicated instructors create a challenging environment


where self discipline and self confidence flourishes while encountering challenges that lead to success,


students develop a positive sense of one self.



Goldberg Karate Studio is dedicated to the belief that lifelong habits of the mind, body, and heart are


developed though good habits of character.  GKS provides a fun, safe environment that inspires and


strengthens character w ithin a diverse, caring and supportive community, we impact and inspire


America’s future to embrace positive character traits. Students are provided with life-altering character


knowledge that encourages growth in confidence, discipline, desire, loyalty and generosity of spirit.

We offer you an opportunity to participate in the finest

Traditional and Sport Martial Arts Karate Program in Connecticut

which was started in 1971 When Grandmaster Goldberg

Opened Goldberg Karate Studio in Wolcott, Ct.

People join our school for many different reasons. Among the most common is to get into great

physical shape, learn self defense, meet new friends, improve on their self esteem, rid them

selves of stress, and learn to set goals and achieve them thru martial arts discipline.

The Black Belt Success System we use at our school is a blend of the American & Korean Arts

of Tang Soo Do, being both traditional & sports martial arts orientated, this Style featuring the

strong kicks of traditional Tang Soo Do and the overall input of many years of experience and

Americanization makes this system great for students from all walks of life. Whether it is our

award winning children's program or our fantastic young adult and adult program, So start now

on your journey to better health while developing the

"Yes I Can Attitude".

How Do I Start?

We offer a No Obligation Introductory Course (1 week)

to introduce you to Karate and give you a chance to try it. These two free lessons are designed

to prepare you for our Quick Start Beginner Class (White Belt).

You will learn basic blocks, punches, kicks, and a few self defense techniques.

After your 2nd lesson the instructor will go over the different courses that are available to you.


In the Martial Arts the " Black Belt " is the symbol of excellence

Though Black Belt may seem like an insurmountable goal, you will find that you can achieve
anything with proper guidance and a positive attitude.

At GKS we offer you 5000 Sq. Ft. of space, with 4 locker rooms,

2 large workout areas, a weight lifting area and a glass enclosed parent viewing area

It is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

So when chosing a Martial Arts School understand

You are not ony investing in the quality of the curriculum and Instructors you are also

choosing the facility, class schedule and school atmosphere that you

feel best suits your needs and/or your childs needs

At Goldberg Karate Studio we are confident that you will witness

the sincerity, professionalism and excellence we have to offer.

So Come To Goldberg Karate Studio

For A Complete Learning Experience You'll Be Happy You Did






















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